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Wow...Mind Blown!

by Robin B. (Lethbridge, AB)

“This course opened my eyes to so much I thought I already knew”

Awesome, Practical Application!

Susan H (Calgary, AB)

“Great information on bracing and activation. I could instantly feel the benefits of making small, but powerful changes in the movement patterns.”

Learn from the Master!

Mike K (Calgary, AB)

“Tim knows his SH*T! The material was fabulous and extremely helpful. It's a must for every fitness professional”

My Clients Were Amazed!

Graydon S (Kelowna, BC)

“Day 1 post FMC and in my first workout, all I could think about was setting my lines, and managing my weight transfer. It was awesome to see the benefit in my own workouts. For my coaching, I focused on employing the muscle activation cues to demonstrate their importance. All my clients had great A-HA moments!”

My Brain is Full :-)

Laura A (Vancouver, BC)

“I left the course with my mind blown - all the things I went into the day thinking I thought I knew well, I didn't! Keeping my mind open to the different ways of looking at movement and relearning them, I realize, is so incredibly vital for continuous improvement and progression with myself and clients! Thank you for the (re)education!”

Here's a Sneak Peak at the Course Content

Over 63 Video Based Lessons, exams, business forms, CEC's and more...
for the cost of a few training sessions!

    1. Harnessing The Movement Spectrum

    2. Functional Movement Coaching Success Tips

    3. FMC Coaching Framework

    4. Introduction to Breathing

    5. The Importance of Alignment & Activation

    6. Introduction to Bracing

    7. Pelvic Bracing

    8. Scapular Bracing

    9. Braced Breathing - Breathing Under Load

    10. Bracing Drills & Exercises

    11. Movement Errors - Hardware vs. Software

    12. Functional ROM (Part 2)

    13. Functional ROM (Part 1)

    14. Part 3 Quiz: FMC Foundations Knowledge

    1. Primal Pattern Overview

    2. SQUAT Pattern

    3. LUNGE Pattern

    4. HINGE Pattern

    5. PUSH Pattern (Horizontal & Vertical)

    6. PULL Pattern (Horizontal & Vertical)

    7. GAIT Pattern

    8. ROTATE Pattern

    9. Part 4 Quiz: Primal Pattern Knowledge

    1. Movement Based Program Design

    2. Programming for Clients & Goals

    3. Programming for Movement vs. Muscles

    4. Considering Planes of Motion

    5. Sequence of Programming

    6. Review of the FITT Principle

    7. Volume & Intensity Measures

    8. Interaction Formats

    9. Part 5 Quiz: Program Design Fundamentals

    1. Functional Movement Analysis Form Review

    2. Functional Movement Analysis Form Download

    3. 6.2-Intro-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    4. 6.3-Form Overview-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    5. 6.4-Posture-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    6. 6.5-Breathing-Bracing-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    7. 6.6-Squat-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    8. 6.7-Lunge-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    9. 6.8-Hinge-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    10. 6.9-Gait-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    11. 6.10-Rotation-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    12. 6.11-Push-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    13. 6.12-Pull-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    14. 6.13-Wrap-up-Demo Functional Movement Analysis

    15. Part 6 Quiz: Demo Movement Analysis

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